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Ginger Patch Review

Not gonna lie, redheads are absolutely stunning, but you do not need to have a redhead fetish in order to get off to the pornography on this website. I mean, their bodies and their movements are quite sexy on their own…you don’t even have to take their hair into consideration.

Ginger Patch Review

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Gingerpatch is actually a website that only came into existence quite recently. It is being updated every month or so, and it has around 12 exclusives never before seen scenes in full HD. However, if you ever get bored with the content of the page, there are plenty of bonus pages out there once you get your Gingerpatch password that will make your experience much better. To be exact, the number of websites you also get access to is 26, and let’s name a few: HerFreshManYear and LustHD. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


You’ll enjoy seeing all these cute red-headed girls cope with hung men who simply can’t get enough of their pussies. Now, let’s talk some more about the nerd stuff…these movies can actually be streamed at four resolutions/speed. The highest one is 720p, which is great. Not only does the website provide you with an auto-detect feature that will make the page set the proper resolution for you automatically, but you can also take control of the entire thing and set the speed yourself, if you think that you should, that is. There are also five different options to download these movies, and the top resolution here is 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. The resolutions in this section go all the way down to 240p, which just so happens to be a very suitable resolution for mobiles.

Now, when it comes to the length of these movies, you should not expect anything too special. These people will fuck for about 30 minutes or so, and that’s pretty much it. Nothing is left to the imagination, too. We all enjoy a porno movie that has been well recorded, don’t we? It’s essential that the studio hires a professional cameraman who knows how to get in there, showing us the pussies, butts, and titties in the best way possible.

It is also essential that the dude with the camera is capable of taking decent pictures while the actors are busy fucking. These pictures make great wallpapers for perverts just like you! The galleries are blessed with around 150 stunning shots. Naturally, these pictures can be opened and enjoyed on the spot. However, they can also be downloaded to your phone or your laptop so you can have fun with the files later. However, make sure that you have a program that can open .zip files on your device! If you’re unsure, visit to get a preview of what you’d be getting.


Now, a certain performer might grab your attention, and it does not matter if the performer is male or female, because you may find them in the model indicator. However, you will not be finding any kind of stats on them, at least not now. The model index just so happens to be one way of browsing.


There are 26 other websites on the TeamSkeet network, so check them out!


Even though Gingerpatch still needs to grow, the content is already provided for us is amazing, so we know we can expect great things in the future.

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The following bonus sites are included with your membership to Ginger Patch. When you signup to any of these sites, you get instant free access to their entire network of 34 sites.