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Innocent High Review

If you’re a fan of hot teen babes, then you’ll find few places on the internet that are able to match the content of Innocent High, that’s for sure. The name of the page is quite ironic since the girls you’ll be seeing on the page are going to be doing stuff that’s far from innocent. Amazing High-definition videos that are exclusive to the website are what you can expect in here. You’ll also get some amazing bonuses, so make sure you give this page a shot.

Innocent High Review

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You know the drill. What you have in front of you is an all-female school, and it’s filled with the hottest teen chicks around. All of the teachers and authority figures in the school are male, though. So, obviously, seeing as these girls are submissive as hell, they love that. Where does this take us? They get aroused, and they want their dicks inside of their tight little pussies.

However, these girls usually swing both ways. So girl on girl action isn’t an uncommon sighting in this school. The gals don’t mind sharing, either, so you’ll see all kinds of threesomes within the halls of this supposedly innocent institution. This page belongs to the TeamSkeet network, so you can expect a bunch of amazing bonuses when you sign up to it. For example, pages such as Titty Attack and This Girl sucks are going to be available to you as soon as you get your InnocentHigh pass.

There are tons and tons of movies on this page. To be exact there are around 456 movies here, but hey, not all of these movies are HD, and that’s pretty lame. It’s usually the earlier ones that don’t have great quality. However, this leaves us with 155 movies that should come in full Full HD, and that’s still a lot. The movies are rarely shorter than twenty minutes, and they almost always have a little story going on, so that’s pretty great. Sure, the stories aren’t that different from movie to movie. It usually involves a cute girl getting seduced by a horny teacher, but there are some deviations every now and then.

You don’t only get movies on this page, though, you’ll find out that there are tons and tons of amazing pictures in here. Again, not all of these are HD pictures. The older ones aren’t posted in HD, but that’s fine. You still get to see a whole lot of HD pictures either way. Doesn’t this sound great? You can always visit this site if you want to watch some of their free videos.


So, it’s important to mention that this website uses a neat infinite scroll system. However, every block of 30 thumbnails is separated by a line of ads from the rest of thumbnails. Then, it is most important to mention that you are given the option of tracking your favorites as well. Furthermore, you also get those neat little performer tags, but there are also tags that are related to the content.

Then, you can also rate the videos if you feel like it. There are some sorting options, but they aren’t good enough, for the most part. The search function isn’t that great, either. Oh, also, you are given the option of dropping comments on these movies, as well. There’s also a section on the website that’s entirely dedicated to the models, but you won’t see any interesting stats or anything. So, checking these out is pretty much pointless.


This site is a part of the TeamSkeet network, so they decided to throw in 19 extra websites that you should check out if you ever get bored of this teen-drilling action.


If we take everything into account, this page is truly one of the best teen pages out there. High production value, tons of movies, gorgeous models. What more can you ask for? Make sure you get in before the bell rings!

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The following bonus sites are included with your membership to Innocent High. When you signup to any of these sites, you get instant free access to their entire network of 34 sites.