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If you do not believe that FamilyStrokes will have you begging for more, then you are sadly mistaken, as this amazing website will have you addicted to its pornography right away. Maybe it is scary when I say it like this, but it really isn’t. It’s all about incest porn with a dash of decency in it. FamilyStrokes is all about step-sex, something that is bound to get your blood pumping.

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You really haven’t lived life until you experienced the joys of having your dick teased by a horny stepsister or a horny stepmom with huge titties. Don’t believe me? Well, Family Strokes will convince you, and not only that, but they will also show you that once you start kicking it with this type of porn, you will not be able to stop yourself, simply because of the fact that the porn is so amazingly attractive that you won’t be able to get your hands off your dick, and they even may give you some ideas, so don’t be surprised if you end up flirting with your stepsister after a session of wanking on FamilyStrokes.


See, the girls on this website really know how to fuck, they have some amazing titties and asses, and most importantly, they sure can take a pounding from a horny man when they are supposed to. You’ve probably ran into many girls yourself that were not able to take the entire cock with their pussies, and they begged you to go slower when you fuck, but the girls of FamilyStrokes really aren’t like that, which is a great thing.

Their cunts can simply take it all in without even ever asking for a little break, which is really amazing. All kinds of scenes can be seen on FamilyStrokes, and every single one has a little story going on for it, but the stories are not that complicated most of the time, seeing as the girls can’t wait to get pounded hard, so they do not want to play out a fake story or something before they get their clams torn open by huge cocks, they just want some meat rubbing against their insides as soon as possible, as it truly is hard for them to control themselves over those horny studs that surround them.

There are around 164 movies on the website at this very moment, and most of them are around 30 minutes long, and this means that you will be entertained for days, and maybe even months if you do not watch more than 30 minutes of porn per day. Then, it is also worth mentioning that the movies can be downloaded in a great resolution, but fear not if you want to download movies in a lower resolution because this has also been made available to you by the people of FamilyStrokes, who care so deeply about you and a miserable internet connection that stops you from watching pornography in the best quality possible. It should also be mentioned that all of these movies have little trailers right underneath them that will show you the most action-packed five minutes of the movie, and not only that, but they will also give you small descriptions of the movies as well.


I have no complaints when it comes to navigating this page, as it seems that every little thing is in the place it is meant to be in. Let’s just say that the main index page has 20 video thumbnails on it, and clicking on any one of these thumbnails will bring the desired video up, and that’s about it. Playing a porno movie is as simple as that on Family Strokes! You are also given the option to vote on these videos, and you may as well comment on them if you feel like doing so.


Sadly, Family Strokes does not come with any bonuses or anything like that which is quite sad. However, their website does pop up with an ad that gives you a discount to a webcam show every once in a while, so that’s something.


A nifty website such as this one certainly deserves a place in the spotlight, because of the great movie quality, even though you do not get many bonuses for signing up to the website. No ads, no BS, just amazing pornography.

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