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Little Asians Review is a premium website featuring exclusive videos of, you guessed it, tiniest, hottest Asian girls in the industry taking on some of the largest cocks out there. Though it has a select number of videos, that number keeps increasing, the production quality is rather high, and porn stars are top notch.

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Nowadays, with an enormous number of porn sites and an almost infinite amount of videos, it’s hard to stand out, compete, and provide additional value., on the other hand, though new, does its best to be different and to satisfy.

Content provides targeted content. It is a single genre porn site so it will never be as big and have as many videos as other, more general sites do. On the other hand, they’ve put all of their resources into creating the best videos possible within their niche and because of that, they are one of the best places to go to, should you want some of that type of content.

They currently feature a modest number of clips with more being added every couple of weeks. But, quality is worth the wait. Videos average to 25-30 minutes in length, have their own intro, logo, music, story. The story might be silly (as it is almost always the case with porn movies) but it is acceptable, somewhat immersive and not off-putting. Everything is shot in natural daylight which improves the overall quality and lets you see every detail. In combination with good camera work, various scene settings, different actors and actresses almost every time, they will keep you busy for a while.

As for the action and its participants, you are probably already familiar with names like Jade Kush, Nyomi Star, Ember Snow, Eva Yi, Jasmine Grey, and if you aren’t, that is just another reason to try and see just how tiny these Asian chicks can be, and how good and experienced at fucking they are. Seriously, the contrast between their petite bodies and huge cocks they try to sit on balls deep or swallow deep down their throats alone is worth checking out. And all that in full HD resolution. Prices are something you would come to expect from these types of porn sites.

You can subscribe monthly at the cost of $24.87. If you subscribe for the whole year you get a hefty discount that would take $9.95 out of your pocket every month. And of course, there is a trial period that lets you have a taste of it all for two days for just $1 so you can check everything out risk-free or visit to watch some of their free videos.


The site is the epitome of “less is more”. Content is right there on the landing page, pictures and thumbnails are pretty, flashy and colorful. Everything is accessible from the moment you enter the site. Registration is just a click away and even if you aren’t registered, you can just click a video right on the landing page to get a short, one minute preview, description, runtime, etc. There are no unnecessary sections, only those that you need: Videos, Updates, Girls.


You don’t get anything extra for subscribing to this porn site so you will have to decide if it is worth for you as a stand-alone.


The site is somewhat specific as in, it does one thing. However, it does that one thing very well and even though you can’t get lost in the infinite amount of videos, you won’t need to because, if you like little Asians, there will be no need to search on and on to find one good video, you’ll have plenty of those accessible right away.

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